Monday, December 29, 2008


How did I reach my 300th post without realizing?

...Anyway. I had a lovely Christmas, but itś all gone by in such a flash. I set my tent up on Tuesday, and cannot work out where the time has gone since. In that time...

* Chef came down and accidentally let Cleo lose. Mum lives on the main road. I had hysterics. Luckily, she came to her senses and realized she could not live without me, and I spent a few not-so-fun moments climbing over fences and crawling under the house next door to rescue her. She is now spending her time ambushing Pause, mum´s tiny kitten. Sheś going to be lonesome when we return home.

* Christmas day was spent in a flurry of ripped wrapping paper and exclamations over my wonderful presents. I appear to have been spoilt rotten again. Le sigh.

*More unwrapping was done on Boxing Day, as the entire family caught up and consumed an enormous Christmas meal - and a whole lot of dessert, also. I think I'm going to be able to live off my butt-fat for the next week, I have devoured so much in the past few days.

*Phoenix and Sahara have taken to the outdoor life, and haven´t accidentally run through the tent like I feared they may. Mum and I spent an hour and a half putting the damn thing up, getting every possible aspect of it wrong before finally working out the instructions. I fear I may have been slightly over-zealous buying a 12 man, three room tent when itś just me and the kids - but obviously I have filled the other two rooms up with hot men presents and luggage.

* I kicked the fridge yesterday, resulting in splitting my little two. There was much blood. There is no reason why I´m telling you this.

* I had an interesting time over the weekend. I headed homeward bound for the day, and spent a gorgeous afternoon slobbing on the white sand and splashing in the crystal-clear waters at the beach. I also managed to shove myself into a gorgeous new shirt that has my personal motto emblazoned on the front. I do love to hear the words ¨we´re going shopping and you may choose whatever you please¨. Easiest way to my heart :)

* After collecting my children, I went spontaneously road tripping to the Island, where I drank far too much, gambled excessively and smoked more than I should and met some lovely new people. I may or may not have slept in the car with Sahara as a reminder I am Crazy Canine Woman, and to reiterate my kids are my life. Although I won that argument, I think I may have come off second best in the end. It wasn´t the warmest of nights, or most comfortable.

* As I´m typing, Cleo & Pause are causing mayhem and destroying the house. Hilarious.

*... and I think I´m done for the morning. Time for breakfast. I shall return hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday, and am looking forward to reading all of your posts :) Leave me some love, people - I´m missing y´all.

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Becca the Brit! said...

Wow i wish my butt fat would only last me a week, if

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