Friday, December 5, 2008

*drips on the keyboard*

I'm just about to head into the city to do the RSPCA Christmas Appeal - and event which I absolutely loved last year - and was looking forward to the nice, cool 22 degrees the nice weatherman indicated today was going to be. Last year was about 26, and horribly muggy, so I was hoping to remain relatively sweat & grime free - until I woke up expecting rain, and instead realized I was wet for another reason - sweat. (You guys are gross - I know what you were thinking).

At 9am, it's already 25.4 degrees, and it's going to keeeeep going up. Ughhhhhh. It's going to be a LONG, hot day.

The only upside is - I am wearing a ridiculously short Abercrombie & Fitch skirt - I am hoping a) I wont be sent home for making a spectacle of myself with my ass hanging out and more to the point b) that I get a heap more donations. I love my logic.


Susie said...

Ahhh I'm jealous! You're sweating, I'm freezing. I'll trade ya?

Becca the Brit! said...

I like your thinking, that's my girl!!!xxx

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