Friday, December 5, 2008

Dirt, sweat and more sweat.

Our cute blue shirts.

Although we got to the State Library over half an hour late, the rest of the team hadn't even set up. We donned our cute Appeal shirts, and soon some puppies began to arrive - I got chatting with one gorgeous pup and his equally gorgeous owner, only to realize several minutes later it was Tim Campbell. I have to say - he is the first celebrity I've met that I haven't been remotely uncomfortable around. He was absolutely lovely - friendly, fun, and reallysincere. After the CEO did the official Launch, Sarah and I grabbed our money tin and the Christmas decorations we were selling, and got on our way to making the most money out of any one. We get slightly competitive like that.
See? He's totally a fox.

We were only around in specific areas due to the permits for fund raising in the city, but within the hour we had received, lets face it, ass loads of money. We even got a single donation of $120 by an extremely attractive gay man (seemed to be the order of the day) because he liked our enthusiasm.
Dudley, the face of the launch, all grown up!

As we headed back to base to pack up for the day, we declared ourselves the winners by telling the Event Manager how much we had made - and then were informed we were 'too happy'. I mean...what? How can being friendly and having a laugh - whilst making loads of money for something we really believe in - be too enthusiastic? Bah. Still, we had a fun day, and I've only got another 40 minutes to get showered and pretty in preparation for Girls Night Awesomeness @ TGI's, Part II.
Over enthusiastic? Bah! Girls Just Wanna - and do - Have Fun.


Becca the Brit! said...

Oh my god, you guys look freakin' adorable!!!xxx

Melisa said...

Becca's right, you are adorable!

Have fun at TGI's...don't put on too many onion ring mustaches! :)

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