Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have an entire day all to myself - no plans, no job interviews, no sexy men beating down my door - and I have been looking forward to it for days. Now it has arrived... I have no idea what to do with myself.
Don't get me wrong - there is plenty of things I should be doing. There's an irritating little man on my shoulder telling me I need to wash the dishes before I settle down with an enormous coffee and the junk mail, but I'm feeling somewhat rebellious. And believe me, it's not like the dishes are going anywhere. It actually seems the longer I leave them, the more there are - bizarre, no?

So, whilst I contemplate the merits of wrapping some Christmas gifts versus watching Juno again, I thought I'd blog about some random things to waste some time. Here goes.

My birds are making a nest - and from the squeaks and grunts emanating from it, I'd say they're making other things, too. My two male birds, that is. Chef gave them some nesting material to do just that - make a nest and make some babies. Does anyone else find it bizarre he's encouraging my animals' homosexuality? Hmmm.

Sarah's birthday dinner last night was delicious - so much so, I felt rather ill. We managed to polish off 40 taco's between 6 of us, and two apple crumbles. And some mud cake. Ahh, good times.

As I was leaving to jump-start my car, I was informed the RACV does that kind of thing. Hmmm. I remember now why it is I joined them. Oh well! Next time. (We all know there will be one).

Sahara is doing well. She's able to walk around a little now - which obviously gives her the invitation to jump all over the couch, while I scream hysterically that her leg will fall off and spurt the wall with gore etc. She is, however, bored out of her brain. No walkies for another 2 weeks - but that doesn't stop her coming to Girls Night with me on Saturday and having a rip-roaring time with Van Wilder, (several bottles of) champagne, and some genital ice sculptures.

My phone is all pretty and pink now. I paid a nice Asian man exorbitant amounts of money to make it that way, and then I got busy with some nail-polish. All it needs now is some sparkles!
I need to get out more. No, like really.

Thursday night - Shopping & TGI's Night! - is on again this week, and I, for one, am extremely excited, but maybe for reasons not relating to maxing out several credit cards. And I fear I may never be able to show my face in TGI's again after last Friday night's antics with Jesus the bar-man. Oh my.

I'm heading down to my Nan's on Sunday for her birthday dinner. It's actually her 83rd on Friday, but she's having a big lunch with her friends, ditto Saturday, same on Sunday...but she's managed to pencil us in for sometime after 5pm Sunday, when she's back from the movies. I mean...really. She's turning in to such a social butterfly - not to mention a bit of a minx - these days. This also means she is ridiculously hard to buy gifts for. Mm, pot plant anyone?

I finally got all my over-seas Christmas cards sent off yesterday - all 20 of them. And of course, one to my vet. I swear I have a better relationship with him - and see more of him - than some of my previous boyfriends.
I'd buy him somethin' real pretty, but ya know, all my money has gone on keeping Sahara in pain relief - oh, and buying her two new legs.

I'm totally digging L-O-V-E by Joss Stone - it's the backing track on the Coco Mademoiselle ad with Keira Knightely and it doesn't seem to want to get out of my head.

Oh. And Phoenix? Phoenix is his usual self. I woke up from my nap to find the following. It's a good job his teeth aren't enormous or he weighs 40kg, 'cos you know, it'd really hurt if that were the case.

Note: To my friends who read this blog: the red eyes don't indicate he is possessed, I just hit the wrong button on my new phone and took it in night mode. To any potential burglars/stalkers etc - my dog is possessed, and he will kill you.


Melisa said...

Wow, that is some random stuff! You're pretty busy on your day off, blogging about all of that activity! :)

Becca the Brit! said...

Haaaaa, thanks Kitten loving the randomness, a girl after my own heart!xxx

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