Saturday, December 13, 2008

To sleep; perchance to dream.

I have awoken in an utterly foul state. Well, I exaggerate slightly: but I am, at least, decidedly morose. I had every intention of having a nice long sleep in this morning - aside from the fact it's been bucketing down for hours and everything is gloomy outside, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the night before due to...well, a certain noise problem. Although I had an early one last night (Sarah and I made Pad Thai and watched chick flicks - could we be more rock n roll?) I was super keen to snuggle into my doona-cocoon with Phoenix and snore my head off for hours to come.

6am arrived, and so did Chef - sitting on the side of the bed watching movies on his phone at full volume. What? Why? If he had not have brought me a cup of tea half-filled with sugar (just the way I like it), there would have been disembowelment, I feel sure. As it was, he copped an earful. Several minutes later, he reemerged to chat about the weather, clearly not understanding that I seem to grow three extra sets of fangs and an amazing vocal pitch to my whining in the early part of the morning. After snapping his head off again, he left.

And came back half an hour later to ask why I hadn't told him I broke the back brakes on his car last night.

Uh...I don't know. Maybe because I didn't?

As I snuggled back down, ready for some more z's after that little debacle, Phoenix decided that although he had been outside only moments before, he felt like making another trip. Cue much grumbling, a little swearing and the complete inability to be arsed putting clothes on, and me standing out in the rain - naked for all the neighbors to see - calling his name. Again; back to the warmth of the covers.

....and my phone starts ringing. Sarah is sick. I am livid - not at her, at the way my brain is ceasing to function without wanting to tear people limb from damned limb. I am now, therefore, sitting in front of the laptop after calling to make sure Sarah is racking up sudoephedrine and various forms of penicillin so this evening's bash can still go ahead, and attempting to lighten my mood with a little LoL-Cats before I try - once more - to get a little sleep in.

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