Monday, December 8, 2008

Phoenix says 'I miss you Sahara. Oh, and I'm stealing that Damned Pig'.

I've just dropped Sahara at the vets.
Usually, she needs a few liver treats to calm her down and get her to her usual loving and snuffly self - but today, she needed sedation.


She was muzzled practically the moment she walked through the door - although the staff are absolutely wonderful (I should know. I practically keep them in business with my vast array of wildlife throughout the year) when Sahara knows something is going on, there's little to do but inject her.

Cue vomit. Profusely. Three times.

On my shoes.

I left her with her blankie and new toys (thanks, Sarah!) and practically ran out the door before I had another melt down in front of the vet nurse like last time.
Honestly, I have a more open relationship at that surgery than I've ever had with any man.

They did mention she was first in line for surgery - they're trying to get rid of her as soon as possible before she mauls any more of their employees gets too upset as she comes around.
Fingers crossed she can come home this evening - it might stop Phoenix sulking and Cleo running around the house squealing like a hyena looking for her.

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