Saturday, December 6, 2008

Girls Night Mark II

... was awesome. We ended up leaving slightly later than anticipated - that city grime just would not come off - but when we got going, the fun began. First, we had to wait over 20 minutes for our train - and inevitably I needed to use the bathroom. If you knew the area I lived in - or more precisely, the actual train station we were at - you would understand my sheer terror at inadvertently receiving STDs concern. Now, Sarah and I like to think of ourselves as pretty easy going, laid back girls - more than happy to roll in mud and be covered head to foot in pet fur - but we draw the line at using public bathrooms. I am not exaggerating - we literally removed the antiseptic handwipes from our handbags and attempted opening the door with them, so as to avoid having to touch the germ infested place first hand. After that little expedition, we were free to sit and have a chat whilst we waited for our public transport. Until we got dripped on. I mentioned it was hot yesterday, right? Well, the station guys had the air con on inside their little hut, and no matter where we sat, we couldn't get out the way of the dripping, which luckily wasn't the bird poo we'd first thought it was.
Once we were on the train, we settled down with a quiet drink (until the nice policemen and ladies walked past, and we had to stuff them unceremoniously into our handbags and hope they wouldn't spill over the contents - the drinks I mean, not the police men) and completely over-shot our stop. Instead of just carrying on and going straight in to the city, we decided to hop off the train and make our way backwards - and luckily walked practically smack bang into a bus going to our chosen destination. After a rather hair raising ride (how do these people get their licenses??) we had arrived, but had to quickly stop off at Bra's & Things to try on some saucy lingerie. By the time we got to TGI's, we simply flopped; exhausted into our seat, which happened to be at the bar as we were awaiting a booth to become vacant - and were happily served up with two fish-bowls of Long Island Iced Tea, and a slightly smaller but more potent glass - for free. Naturally I got chatting to the nice Mauritian behind the counter - attempting to dazzle him with my wonderful French, which consists mainly of 'It's raining in the pretty garden' and 'the cat is sitting on the chair' - and we were soon given a booth, and served up an enormous platter of our favorite - carbohydrates and cheese. That kept us quiet for a while (ha!) but soon we had another personal favorite arrive - the Jack Daniels sauce. Drool. Although we didn't get up to anything remotely exciting to any one else, we still had an awesome time discussing the world - and, alright - giggling like school girls for hours.

It's one of the most entertaining and bizarre nights I've had for a long time - but seriously, who listens to Limp Bizkit these days?!

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Melisa said...

Tell me that Bras & Things isn't REALLY the name of the store. That is hilarious!

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