Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is why I love...

... My Mum.

I ran out to the mail box in eager anticipation as I do every day, and was delighted to find I had mail that didn't have the words 'final notice' stamped anywhere on it.

There was a nice big envelope for me - and the envelope was rather thick - so large, in fact, it cost more to send than a card to England would have. Inside was a big Christmas card from my Mum.

... there were also 4 other cards inside my big card. Never one to leave my children out (or incur my wrath) there was one for the dogs, one for the cat, one for the fishys, and one for the birdys.

I showed the cards to my rather disinterested pooches, and let Cleo carry hers around for a few moments before I opened it and displayed it for her.

The birds seemed rather terrified of theirs. The fish just asked for more food.
I've let my reindeer look after their cards.

True to form, Mum enclosed a little something special, just for me.
And yes. My 'real' name is Katrina.

It was a little concertina book on her hand-made marbled paper, covered in little Christmassy images, and little messages of love.

I think most people think we're slightly crazy, because we always send each other little things like this (and I've enclosed a card for her budgies in with her own, of course).
But this is exactly why I love my mum so much - she's always doing little things that mean so much.
And now I'm off to read all the articles and clippings from magazines she's cut out and sent me to keep me smiling :)


Becca the Brit! said...

Erm, most importantly I would like to know why my pic is not in your list of favourite people *sniffs*

k a t i e said...

It's just slightly difficult without photoshopping one of us together :P
OOhh...maybe I could do one of us enjoying a Starbucks or some such... *evil smirks*

Can you read my blog yet?! My background is pink - why are you having trouble?!??!? *kills blogger which was clearly created by a MAN*

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