Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas cheer? Hmmf.

I just popped over to the shops to do a spot of last minute present buying for Sarah's birthday present/general Christmas shopping. Although it was her actual birthday on Sunday, her sister was in Sydney over the weekend and had asked me to wait to give her the gift we had both bought her when she returned home this evening. As I emerged from the shopping centre - nauseated from vile carols, fighting to control the urge to king hit certain shoppers after being stabbed by their wrapping paper/delightful infants - I noticed a faint glow surrounding my car.

Yep. I did it again. I left my damn lights on.

As I fought my way through various shoppers, prams and screaming children, I had the vague hope the battery would still be fine - until I looked at my watch and realized I had been ensconced in the mall for the past 2 hours. The battery? Completely, utterly dead. Aside from the fact it was raining (what I refer to as 'British drizzle' - it looks light and misty, but soaks you through in moments), I also realized with a sinking heart I had parked in a spot completely inacecssible to the front of any one else's car, thus meaning a jump start was out of the question. Joy.

So, as I trudged home, grasping the large box of goodies for Sarah underneath half a plastic bag and an old jumper whilst I got drenched, I wasn't exactly filled with the Christmas Spirit.

So much so, in fact, I have every intention of eating all the Ferrero Rocher's I just purchased in an attempt to cheer myself up. Mmm, emotional eating at it's best.


Kat said...

That sucks. Hope your (Christmas) spirits will be lifted so you can enjoy the season.

That "British drizzle" you're describing almost made me lose my mind when living in Dublin. You leave the house thinking it's not so bad but the mist collects itself on your head then, in an unsuspecting moment, forms to fat raindrops that drip from your hair on your face and make up, making you look like a racoon. HATE

Becca the Brit! said...

Sweetie, I think our friendship may have meant that 'Bex Law' has leaked through into your life. If you wish to terminate this friendship I will totally understand ;0) xxx

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