Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alas. And some more random.

My phone rang again.

Still, I ended up having a rather interesting day, involving yet another flat battery in my car (and the mockery that ensued), spilling vodka all over my seats and a late night trip to Sexyland, whose clientele was unsurprisingly extremely seedy. I am currently waiting for my Nan's birthday cake to rise (hmm, it's gluten free - this might take a while) before I head down to Mum's to see her brand new, adorable kitten. Naww! I heart kittens.

I had yet another morning of hoping for a lay-in, but was woken to - wait for it - knocking on the wall. I mean....what? why? Instead of ripping a certain someone a new one, I calmly unleashed my inner zen and instead read through my travel journals and day dreamed extensively about my trip to New York, New York. Le sigh. One day...

I'm looking forward to my afternoon with the family - my uncle and cousin are also going to my Nan's (and yes, that completes my entire family in Australia) but I can see myself acting slightly as mediator - or doing my usual, and shutting my ears entirely to the conversation and stuffing myself full of chocolate ganache whilst contemplating just how I can steal the credit card and buy those Steven Madden Gladiators. You know, I think I like the latter option....

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