Friday, May 9, 2008



(I still have the marks along my arms and face when I attempted it, but here you can see Cleo having a bit of a sing. Please note: She was not harmed in the making of this clip, and although it looks like she is being strangled, she is not).

(This is a response to the following video, as I've stolen from Kat from My Two Cents. To see the full movie in all his splendor and hilariosity check out her blog!)

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Kat said...

OMG Cleo does yodel. How did you get her to do that? I tried with both our cats and it didn't work.

Lilly almost bit me in the neck (she hates being picked up) and Maunzerl just started to purr (she wants to be picked up all the time).

Cleo is too funny. Thanks for that funny vid and the link love.

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