Monday, May 12, 2008

Lies make the world an easier place.

I was vegetarian for over 11 years, and it really only changed when I boarded a flight to England and realized I am an emotional eater, thereby stuffing anything - and basically everything edible - in my mouth, including something that may once have been roaming a paddock or river.

Since then, the Chef has been attempting feeding me chicken and fish, under the pretence they don't actually bleed.

I just watched Life In Cold Blood, David Attenboroughs last documentary, and I SAW A FISH BLEED.

Even though, subconsciously, I sort of knew they probably did, I kind of assumed they bled silver fluid, like the unicorns from Harry Potter.

I. Am. Never. Eating. Fish. Again.


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Melisa said...

We watch "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery Channel (do you get that show down there?) and once, Mike Rowe did something with sharks. I don't remember WHAT he was doing, but Lord was it bloody. I don't know where I'm going with that...but I like your idea of fish bleeding silver.

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