Thursday, May 22, 2008

My poor, abused dog.

Sahara and Phoenix have one of those 'trampoline' beds, and a doona on the floor. They tend to alternate who sleeps where - I refused to buy another $100+ bed when Sahara ate her last two, and she's just as happy with my old doona. Some nights, who ever is on the high up trampoline bed, falls off it in their sleep. Onto the other dog. There's generally a small scuffle, some growling, then they right themselves and doze back off. Not last week. I heard them snap, and then Phoenix shot downstairs. He does this usually when he's upset - he wedges himself under the bottom step to hide - and I generally just let him get over it himself, and come back to bed when he's ready. Last week thought, I could hear dripping, and Phoenix licking something. I knew I'd left a coffee cup down there, right near where I was making Mum's mothers day gift, and I didn't want him spilling it on that. So I dragged my arse from bed, and went to move the mug - it's easier doing that then coaxing him for an hour and bribing him with beef off cuts like usual - but then he ran back upstairs to bed. I noticed a few spots of blood on the floor, following him, but I thoroughly checked him and couldn't find any holes, so decided to see if he'd settle back down. He soon snuggled up and although I heard him licking, I couldn't see where he was trying to clean. In the morning, the trail of blood droplets was actually 3 large pools near the bed, and a massive puddle downstairs. I ran to check him, and still couldn't find any wounds - until I took him outside in the morning light, and discovered Sahara had gouged several lines through his nose.
He's all better now - and there wasn't a lot of discipling I could dish out, as I don't think Sahara had any idea what she'd done, and it was about 6 hours later at this stage. Thankfully, he cuts stayed clean and have healed well...

except for the scars. I'm wondering if they'll be a permanent fixture, and if so, whether to invent a more exciting story for his new mysterious and macho scars.

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