Thursday, May 8, 2008

A little of this, a little of that.

I've been having a bit of trouble with Blogger, as well as being somewhat busy lately. Even so, I haven't got a lot to bang on about these days - I did have a wonderful lunch with the CEO of Empawrium yesterday, a lovely time watching Iron Man (disturbingly enjoyable) and a somewhat mentally draining conversation with a certain someone about what's wrong with the world and what it would take to make me content. As a result, I've been having a rather mentally stimulating day, reading, writing and finishing off a scrapbook for my lovely mum for Mothers Day. I sat down with lunch and started leafing through a new book, Of Women and Horses, and was totally blown away by Sarah Richards pen and ink art, and some of the photography by Gabrielle Boiselle was just amazing. I mean, nothing competes with my own 4.1 mega pixels of power, but she's not bad.

I took out a book titled "The Latchkey Dog" and the library assistant had the nerve to ask if I had my own Latchkey Dog, which I snorted in disbelief and mentioned my spending practically every waking moment with Phoenix & Sahara, that their social schedule is far more advanced than my own, and their every whim is catered for. I think she thought I was slightly mad, but that's not uncommon.

I'm loving these in the area. Hilarious.

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