Thursday, May 15, 2008

Galleria, Katie Style.

I take too many photos. It's an obsession of mine. I know, I know. I can hear the collective gasp as I type. Me? Take photos? Never. (Phone currently holding: 1793. Mac: Over 1000. My Kodak thing that my digital camera sends my photos to: Just on three thousand).

Well, here's a few overflowing from my 1.4 megepixels of delight that is my current phone. (read: old Samsung, because my Danger Sidekick has flapped it's wings to heaven)

I will do a little running documentary, just to keep the excitement alive.

Hen's night shopping on Tuesday. I really couldn't capture just how much junk food there was rammed into those two trolleys, but I am pleased to say we were out of the budget by only ONE single dollar. Success!

The evil, evil emu at work. I mean, I'm sure it's a perfectly lovely natured one, but in general...just, ugh. I despise them nearly as much as turkeys, what with the swinging testicles on their necks and they're creepy gobble noises...*shudder*

The giant baskets of chocolate selfing saucing pudding Safeway staff so carelessly left in my path a few evenings ago. I practically jumped into the display and swam through them, Huey, Dewey and Luey style.

My first attempt at an apple crumble. It was heavenly, if I do say so myself.


Kat said...

Hey you can never take enough photos. Those shopping carts look like it was a hell of a party and the apple crumble...mouthwatering.

Prin said...

Oooo, cool pics. :) That's not too many. My camera has restarted counting twice already (starts over after 9999).

Melisa said...

I love taking photos too: but I can't believe your phone actually HOLDS that many!

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