Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy...

I have been informed that over a cozy Mothers Day lunch yesterday, a certain someone who shall remain nameless *cough* Chef *cough* blatantly told his family of my blog. And it's URL. And how utterly fabulous it is. (Which generally wouldn't bother me, as, let's face it, it is wonderful. It's more the fact he's only read it once, and is unaware I occasionally bitch about the world/him/my car/him/having no coffee left/him, and I would be unimpressed if his family read it).

It bothers me slightly I am being censored again, which was sort of not the point of having a blog.

*considers deleting some things*

Alas. C'est la vie.


Alex said...

thats kinda gay, its better when noone you know reads this kinda stuff

Prin said...

Ah yeah, the cycle of censorship. First, you're free. Then people you know start reading and you muzzle yourself. And then you think, "Wtf, this is my blog," and uncensor yourself, losing all of your friends and family in the process.

Good times. :D

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