Friday, May 2, 2008

Alrighty, I will!

With love, from

What I was doing ten years ago:
At the ripe old age of twelve, I was going into my second year of high school (I like to tell people I was super smart and started school early for that reason, when it was more like my mother couldn't stand me any longer) so I was trying to be cool, and failing dismally. I spent most of my time playing on my trampoline, roller blading, surfing and having crushes on my brothers friends. I would have just tried my first cigarette, and cut my ass-length hair really short, because I was such a rebel. I think I still played with my Barbie's horses in secret. Note: Never Barbie herself; oh no. I was much more interested in her four legged friends.

Five things on my To-Do list today:
I'm postponing these until tomorrow, as it's my bedtime now.
#1(a) Find out if I am successful in purchasing some new wheels, and if so #2. taking my old faithful rust bucket to the wreckers and #3. picking up said new car. If #1(b) does not arise, I shall #2. hit the wreckers and buy a new alternator, and bloody fix my car itself. I will then #3. drive around with a massive grin on my face if I succeed.
Other than that, it will be some extremely exciting things like #4. go to the library and #5. start creating my papier mache Nativity Scene.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
*Here's a blinding flash of the obvious: BUY A NEW CAR. Or two.
*I'm thinking a Mini Cooper S convertible for Summer
*A lovely hot pink Jeep Cherokee for Spring,
*A Chrysler 300CC for Winter and...

*The usual things. House.
*Help my mother out.
*Go on my long anticipated dream holiday. Hello, USA!
*And pay off the government until they make compulsory jail terms for animal cruelty offenders.

Three of my bad habits:
Only three?
*Picking my toenails and eating them. Seriously, I am that revolting.
*Not finishing something I am wilding excited about for 5 minutes, and making a huge mess in the process.
*Not answering phone calls from With-held numbers. It's not a bad habit as such, but it gives people the irrits.

Five places I’ve lived:
* Daventry, (in England)
* Inverloch, (by the beach)
* Leongatha (in the country)
* Camberwell (in the city)
* Where I am now (by the bay).

Five jobs I’ve had:
* Race horse trainer's assistant
* Dairy farming *shudder*
* Waitressing *even more of a shudder*
* Receptionist/Secretary/PA.
* Retail chicky, where I lost a lot of faith in humanity.

5 Books I've recently read:
*The owners manual for my car. Fascinating.
*Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
*The entire Harry Potter series. Again.
*My Sisters Keeper by Jodie Picoult
*Holistic Horse Care and Natural Horsemanship manuals.


Prin said...

Ew at the nails thing. Ewwww. lol

You have a funny taste in cars. :D

I like these things because you learn a lot in so few words. :D

Alex said...

nothing hotter then a chick driving a jeep or similar

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