Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hen's Weekend!

The Three Hostesses - myself, Adele and Jo kick back in our pink PJ's at the end of the night.

There will be male anatomy.

Anyone who may be squeamish/take offense at genitalia, LOOK AWAY NOW.

You have been warned.

* * *

Myself, Sarah, Beth and Jo get the morning off to a good start with my jelly shots.

I think it was a roaring success. We started at around 11am, preparing the games and balloons - there was lots of balloons - and I started making my cock cookies (known as Spotted Dicks, as they were choc-chip. I did, of course, burn them).

Adele checks out Chef's fine ass - The Buck had the matching boobs.

The boys all headed off to get their Bucks Day started, and we got down to the serious business of cracking the first bottle of champagne.

Testing the more blog-friendly products at the Horny Little Devil's party.

I shant be adding too many photos - they are mainly rude - but the Horny Little Devils party was hilarious, especially with Nanna getting involved. The drinks were flowing, there was much food (and penis shaped ice cubes, of course) and we soon got started on the party games - pass the parcel, biting donuts off strings off the washing line, the usual tricks - and of course, Pin the Hose on the Fireman.
The fireman and his hoses!

At that stage, it was only safe to spin the ladies once and let them loose with their hoses, as opposed to the usual three spins.

The Hen in full splendour!

After dinner, -12 hours later - the girls got down to watching their chick flicks, and my two fellow Hen's night creators, myself and the Hen herself all tucked ourselves into bed for a little chat and relax. I think old age is slowly creeping up.
Me after a few champagnes, trying on the Naughty French Maid costume. Oh, dear.

I hope Seah (and you, Tezz!) had a wonderful weekend, and of course wish you every happiness when you finally tie the knot in June :)

...and I couldn't help myself. Here's the peen I warned you all about - Sarah the Hen and I with our ICE MASTERPIECE!
(thank god we didn't get stuck!)


Melisa said...

I am struck speechless by your ability to have so much fun all the time! :) Looks like it was a great party: congrats to Sarah!

(and I think it's hilarious that you went to bed a little earlier than some of the must be getting "old": LOL)

me & them said...

Please, don't rub it in! I was all tucked up and oblivious to the world by midnight. Sad, sad old Katie !

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