Monday, May 12, 2008

Goodbye my lover...

...goodbye my friend.

Yep, my poor Corona has made her way to car heaven (or at least to be made into a cube). I've had four fabulous years of her brakeless, fuel guzzling ways, and I miss her terrible.

(Please, someone, make the connection as to why I called her Citrus, I implore you. The only person who's ever been like "Oh! That's amusing!" is featured in the next post for his fabulous gift).


Alex said...

I had the pleasure to have driven the old girl, and even to repair her clutch at one stage.

She was a strong one, and its a real shame to see citrus leave us.

me & them said...

What part of trying not to sob into the keyboard did you not understand?

*starts running around the house wailing 'My baaaaaaaaaaaaaby!'*

And of course by strong, you'd be referring to all those times I hit poles/got stuck on top of a boulder/drove her through the gates at Camberwell when they were unopen/generally attempting to ram people because, let's face it, nothing was going to dent her, right?

Prin said...


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