Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello, world!

In some fairly important news...I've stopped doing this for a while. (except the minor incident involving a glass of champagne last night. And the pint of Guiness and bottle of Asahi the night before...anyone see my reasoning behind my decision to stop?)

I've been MIA, I know - so much to do - new Jeeps to drive, new jobs to be worked, another cat to tease, boys to see, movies to be watched, eyeballs to be set on fire whilst getting my eyelashes tinted, irate fathers to deal with etc... so little time.

I'm off to Les Miserables with my Nan and Mum tonight, so another day of blog inactivity. I am not forsaking you, I promise!

I will return with muchos verbal diarrhoea and bad photography tomorrow, I assure.

The new beastie I'm driving, C/O my father whilst D-Fib is at the car doctors. I am very. Very. Tempted to do things like this is in, but fear his overwhelming wrath. And that he'll take it away from me for good. I heart driving a Jeep; it's a massive power trip and I have the ability to ram people. I do rather look like a dirty bush pig in it, though.

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