Thursday, October 11, 2007


I can't even think of a word to do justice to how indescribably happy I am right now - I'm just watching Antique Roadshow and randomly emitting excited squeaks. I did it! I got my bitch on, I stood up for myself, and I got out of my lease! I'm sure there will be some sort of repurcussion - my estate agent is a Narky Bitch from Hell - but for now, all I can think about is north facing windows, spa baths and durable fencing. For the first time in FIVE months, I can almost consider relaxing, and the dream of leaving my own house for longer than 4 hours is becoming marginally more realistic.

Comment of the day? Seah's hilariosity from a chat regarding having a shopping partner if I find my dream home nearby...

"I love shopping *wipes away single tear*".

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