Wednesday, October 3, 2007

corn on the cob & a kettle on the hob

It's quite nice to sit down for five minutes and post pictures of shallow, pretty dresses. You see, there's no end in sight for my busy week. I'm trying to look at that positively. Lunch with my mother, dog training, shopping with my cousin, dog training, 'Paws with your Pal', dog training, dinner with Seah & Co, and of course, working with my horsies and the trial at my new job on Monday. In between all that I need to walk the dogs a minimum 8km daily, do my hideously painful ab crunching and general girly maintenance, and of course clean the house, provide delicious and nutritional meals for my man and mutts and try not to consume vast amounts of alcohol to get me through.
When my credit card and my banking card declared themselves empty and spat themselves out the Eftpos machine today, it was slightly hard to think positively. In fact, it was all I could do not to have a complete mental break down in the express lane of Big W. (Not helped by the fact a menopausal women today stole my car park from under my nose, cut me off left right and freakin' centre, and drove in a downright insane way, and had the nerve to raise her hands in confusion when I flipped her the bird and deafened her with my horn. Cow).
So, my happy happy thoughts today are somewhat simple pleasures, just to keep me sane.

1. My adorable Gallaz shoes. They match my workout gear, and are strangely comfortable in a "I know I'm still wearing socks" kind of way. If I feel cute working out, then I look cute working out. And that means my work outs are more productive. Winner.

2. Smoked corn on the cob and garlic herb and cheese bread for lunch. I can smell those babies roasting in the kitchen as I type. I love living with a chef.

3. My new kitchen appliances. I'm kinda glad our Russell Hobbs range crapped itself simultaneously. I love my new 'raspberry red' blender and I know it will help me produce delicious Red Corvettes in Summer. Mmm, frangelico & strawberries in the swimming pool at Christmas. Heaven.

And I've gotta add... I fell in love with Vicious Threads when I randomly tried on a dress in the Basement last season, and since then I've been somewhat disappointed in their collection. Having said that, the dress on the left is the one I fell in love with - it looks totally slammin' on, yet looks like a common Target sack on the model. I think I might track me down the nice dress on the right on ebay and give it a loving home in my wardrobe.

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