Thursday, October 18, 2007

As I was walking along the beach today, happily day dreaming about all my favorite things - ponies, having blonde hair, chocolate self saucing pudding - I noticed a (large) hairy man in what appeared to be see through shorts. As I was in the middle of a lovely golden dream involving Pasha riding a pony with blonde hair smothered in said pudding (joke!) I didn't pay too much attention.

10 metres later.

It dawned on me his rather hairy butt crack was indeed on display. I idly wondered why such an old man would indeed buy a transparent swimming costume, and carried on my merry way.

5 metres later.

He stood up. Brushed some sand off himself. Applied a shirt, and started walking directly in front of me.

Stark. Staring. Naked.

Apparently the signs dotted along the beach front weren't prohibiting what they depicted - 4 people holding hands. On closer inspection, the revealed what was clearly supposed to be a man and woman linking hands with...a smaller man and woman. Which one would assume would indicate children.

Which begs the question - who takes their children for an afternoon at the seaside, and gets their willy out?

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