Saturday, October 13, 2007

warm fuzzyness.

Today I went in search of My Dream Home. I think I actually came pretty close - carpet, cupboards, a bath, a fence, an agent who isn't clinically insane - all things I currently lack - and I spent several minutes calling practically everyone I know, to tell them of my new found glory. And then it happened. 3 people, who can only be described as complete bogans, (for those needing a definition of a 'Bogan', click here)walked past, complete with obligatory snarling Rottweiler, can of Woodstock and hideous beer gut hanging out of tight lyrca leggings, swearing profusely and eyeing off my car. I guess I can't win them all. I either choose a house I wouldn't be ashamed to invite people to and potentially be broken into repeatedly, or have charming neighbours and live in a god forsaken shit hole in the middle of no where. The choice...
On the way home, I of course stopped off at the shelter my boy dog came from. I can't help myself - something about poor lonely animals makes me go all gooey, and today was no different. I just about came home with 3 new dogs, but luckily came to my senses as I noticed a sign for an Op Shop. Bargain shopping is one of my favorite things to do, coming in a close third behind adopting random animals with dodgy history's, and taking long bubble baths. Cut a long story short (sort of), I emerged several minutes later with two books, and a pair of jeans I paid $169 for last season, for the grand total of $2. As I paid, I slipped in an extra $4 or so, which was the grand total of my finance this week, and the lady actually stopped me to say I'd overpaid her. I replied, with some embarrassment, I would like to give her a small donation, to which she practically burst into tears with thanks. It was so sweet, and gave me such a nice warm fuzzy feeling all day; something so little made someone elses day, not because of the actual cost, but the notion behind doing it. It was also nice to be called 'lass'; I usually cop 'young lady' these days, which always makes me feel like I'm in trouble for something.

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