Thursday, October 4, 2007

Retail Therpy & My New Maddens = Happy Katie

My number one positive thing today? I got new shoes. New Steve Madden shoes. My mum put $10 towards I had to pay $2.25. Yes. That is correct. I picked up Ruby Red Satin Pinto Steve Maddens for TWELVE DOLLARS & TWENTY FIVE CENTS at Myer today. They are the utterly adorable ballet flats on the far left, and 4th from the right. Yes. I broke down and bought flats, something I swore I never would. But hey, I need them for work, they're Steve Maddens, and need I repeat the $12.25?

I had to take a photo of them in all their splendor, along with the other shoes I may or may not have bought this week.

I say it like that, because they're still in hiding from the Chef, and if he doesn't know I have them, then I can't really have paid for them. Logical.

In general, I am happy - I went out with my mother today with $30, and returned with a horse riding jumper, a plaid halter neck with satin straps, a funky black work top, two aprons, 4 pairs of boyleg undies, a grey dress, a brown shirt, 2 packets of potato bake stuff for dinner, 18 lamingtons (not too many left..) 6 baubles for my Christmas tree, a stocking, 2 door hangers, 2 dog toys involving rope, 3 tennis balls, a toy horse, a book on holidaying with dogs, a horse manual, a new Porkys video, and of course my shoes. Power shopping is what I live for.

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