Monday, October 22, 2007

Roma & the Oaks

I didn't end up going to paint ball. It was 29 degrees at 8:30am, so I decided to road trip to Inverloch, hit the beach and spend some time with my mum instead. I woke up this morning with another stinking cold - I thought it was hayfever until this afternoon, when I'd already made my way through a box of tissues. I crawled my way to the chemist, and practically ate the proffered cold and flu tablets, until I heard the word 'Sudoephedrine'. Until this time last year, I had only two known allergies - avocado, and coedine. I found out the first at a supermarket taste testing day, and left soon after with my wind pipe rapidly closing over. The latter was prescribed to me, and I spent the next 5 days alternating between suicide and plotting violent murder to all those I loved. Not a good time to be had.

So when I was offered cough mixture last year during a particularly nasty bout of flu, I took it readily. And cried. And cried. And sobbed and howled and cried some more. For hours, literally without stopping. Hmmm.

I finally settled on a nasal spray and anti-histamine, which would apparently wouldn't affect me negatively, as it wouldn't enter my blood stream like normal cold fighters do. We'll wait and see if the Chef makes it through the night with testicles intact. The worst part of it is the sniffing of chemicals - I could never be a coke addict; I genuinely hate things up my nose.

So for my three positives today, I'm too clogged up to think past what I can smell right now...

1. Mini Roma tomatoes smothered in basalmic vinegar roasting in the oven to go with my red wine, beef and mushroom lasagne. And I have all the ingredients for forest berry pancakes in the morning - all gluten free.

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Melisa said...

I'm such a dumb ass that I didn't think to check and see if you had another blog. Glad I found this one!

I checked on postage for my book going to the Land Down Under, and it's not $10, it's $5 (much better?). So if you want to do something like an International money order (those exist, right?) or Paypal for the $15, I can send it. If that doesn't work for you, I'm fine with it too and won't be offended. Just let me know!

I'll be checking this blog regularly, too. :)
Take care!


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