Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hip Hip, Chin Chin

Late last night, as I was settling down to give Basil another dose of his medication, I had the same feeling of apprehension I've had the past few days - I didn't want to dig around his burrow and grab a corpse. So I was shocked to see him on the second floor of his little apartment - he has been unable to breathe, let alone walk lately, yet there he was, sitting up cleaning himself and stuffing his face like the Bazza I know & love. As you can see, he soon climbed down and got to business on his dinner. Broccoli, carrot, banana, apple, lettuce, cucumber & Sultana Bran, with some Cruskits, corn flakes & Ritz biccies. I knew he was feeling better when I realized he'd ignored most of that, and eaten every last Coco pop I illicitly fed him. Even so, that rat eats better than I ever do.

Onto my three happy things today...

1. After 5 whole years of driving (where did it all go?!) I finally receive my full license tomorrow (with a rather large fee to VicRoads). This is very exciting, yet slightly disturbing - I have no excuse to drive as badly as I do anymore. And in that whole time...only one (major) accident, only 2 cars written off (neither were mine) and just the 1 de-merit point for speeding.

2. 57 Days to go until... Merry Christmas! Mum and I have been busy planning our menu this week, and last night I got out all my decorations and added all the new ones I've been busy buying in the last few weeks. I am such a fiend for this time of year. The only thing with not living at home is the lack of presents out under the tree to be taunted with. I used to sit every night and read the little clues Mum would stick on my (extremely thickly wrapped) parcels, and poke and prod and beg for more clues. I swear my blood pressure rises several notches each year - nothing to do with planning or shopping or dealing with relatives, it's all related to the stress of squeezing presents.

3. My new body wash. It's Pomegranite and something or other, and smells divine.
Every time I sniff myself, I want to eat my arm off.

On a sad note... R.I.P to my darling Peppe.

{Thanks to Melissa for pointing out my spelling error :) }

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Melisa said...

"Every time (I?) sniff myself, I want to eat my arm off." I thought that was SO funny, but then I thought, "huh, I know what she means".
Great quote, though.

Sounds like Basil may be on the mend? I hope so.

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