Sunday, October 21, 2007


I heard a few days ago there was an accident in Ohio, and an Aussie band had been involved. I didn't think too much of it, until I sat down this morning and opened the newspaper to a photo of Adam with his band, Electric Jellyfish. The band who'd had the fatal crash in America.
I met Adam through my brother, and instantly fell in love with him - I was only young, but he was so much fun, and I loved my time with him when we spent a day at the Australian Open. He went along to the filming of Queen of the Damned, and I was shattered when my mother announced I wasn't allowed to go. He even came to see me in hospital when I was sick, which was more than my closest friends even managed.

I just wanted to say my deepest sympathy goes to Adam and his remaining band mates, and if you read this Mr Camillerri, I hope your hospital stay is short and you soon heal. My mother offered to send the wedding certificate she made for us all those years ago to give you a smile.

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