Monday, January 5, 2009

I know it's late, but here's 2008.

A review, by Katie.

I spent New Years Day wallowing in 44 degree heat on the beach, and made my resolution for the year ahead - To stop eating. Or at least discontinue shoving random things in my mouth when I'm bored, and instead go for long, fulfilling walks, or teach myself to crochet. I can't say I did very well on that front.
That evening, I found out some news that rocked my world, and changed every angle of my family dynamic. A whole year on, I still don't know how to deal with knowing that someone I loved and looked up to could do such a horrific thing.
I discovered my first - and last, thank goodness - grey hair, and subsequently held my sadistic real estate agent responsible. I was still house hunting, and losing the will to live. Sarah & Tezz came over for dinner for the first time, and I was subjected to the agony of having White Tail spider bites on my toes.

Still suffering from my infected toes and a revolting flu that made us both feel like death, Chef and I moved into our new home, which we'd instantly fallen in love with in the final stages of desperation as our lease was rapidly coming to an end. I rejoiced in the fact we had a fence. I then had to spend the longest time ever without internet, and didn't cope so well.

Involved two of my most favorite days ever: Sarah & Tezz's fabulous St Patricks Day party, and the following day spent in 40+ degree heat at the RSPCA's All Creatures Day. Chef & I road-tripped for his brothers wedding, and we welcomed Saffron the rat into the family, as well as two short-term foster kittens who ruled the house. I had a wonderful birthday with all my favorite people, and wallowed in gifts and food.

First and foremost, Sarah & I discovered the joy of crimping our hair. Ditto TGI's girl nights.
Chef broke his car - again - and mine was getting worse and worse. I spent a lot of time at the beach, trying to ascertain what I wanted from life, which mainly involved being anywhere else than I currently was. Sahara, Phoenix and I were involved in the filming of the RSPCA Million Paws Walk commercial. I discovered Juno, and fell head over heels in love with it, and watched it religiously twice a week for...well, alright, I've never actually stopped. Poppy joined my collection of rodents.

I purchased my new bomb, D-Fib, for the bargain price of $500, and then spent triple that trying to make her work again as she continually didn't like doing that. Cleo learned how to yodel. Sarah celebrated her Hen's Night in fine style, and we thanked our lucky stars we didn't get stuck to a certain ice sculpture when we sobered up. I went to see a Welsh Choir with my mum & nan, and saw Les Miserables with them both later in the week. I set my eyeball on fire getting my eyelashes tinted before Sarah's wedding, and I stole borrowed my fathers Jeep to drive. I worked out someone wasn't who I thought they were, and lost an amazing friendship.

Went by without me even realizing. Sarah and Tezz flew off to Fiji for their wedding, and I counted the days until I could see Sex & The City, which we eventually did in Gold Class style.

Chef celebrated his birthday, and we went for a weekend away with S & T to their holiday house, where we discovered Tezz makes the best hamburgers ever. We were still of the belief Sahara was having muscle aches, rather than realizing she had torn her entire ligament.

I hardly blogged - I was going through my own little financial crisis, to the point of having to beg for food. I wasn't in a good place. Eventually, everything turned out fine - I finally got my shoes, and I was happy once again.

The first few days of which were spent shopping around for a surgeon for Sahara's impending operation. I went home and took Mum to see Shout! which just about cured us of ever watching local dramatic productions again. Chef & I went for a drive, and ended up with a brand new Mercedes in the back of our car, and another one in the back of the Merc. Sahara went in for her surgery, and I hosted a dinner party to keep my mind off the fact she couldn't come home. I fell off the couch and chipped my elbow. I had a magical weekend where I fell in love with life again.

Sarah & I went for a roadtrip to see some of Mum's art exhibition, and not long after I found another Bruza/Phoenix dog which S & I organized to see. I attended the races and caught a certain jockey's eye, I adopted two finches and got right back into baking. Monday nights were dedicated to hitting the racetrack and gambling all my loose change away. Chef & I went for a weekend away, which although was a complete failure, gave me a whole lot of invaluable information as to what I needed to do. I had one of the best moments of my life riding my favorite horse through the surf.

Seemed to revolve around days at the races and buying pretty dresses. I got my heart absolutely torn to shreds and shattered in every way, and didn't deal with it exceedingly well. I drank far too much, ate not a lot and slept very little. Halloween involved a whole lot of dressing up, and rather a lot of punch, and I spent days watching Sex and The City to try and ease my heartbreak. I got stood up by Chicken, and lost my faith in men completely, until Phoenix developed a lump and I was worried it was due to my man-hating karma.

Was all about getting back on the horse - literally. I started at the trail riding place, and also got back into the RSPCA in the form of the Christmas Appeal, which turned into one of the best days - and nights - ever. Practically all of December was spent catching up with old friends - and new ones - and learning what it was to be me again. There was also a lot of drinking, shopping and dancing involved, and maybe even a little bit of falling...

All in all... bring on 2009, otherwise known as Katie's Year.


Alex said...

Not even a mention of me?! phwoar !

k a t i e said...

Jesus, Alex. What the fuck do you think 'I got my heart completely and utterly ripped out and shit all over' was all about?

Alex said...

Shrug, something else.. Hi :) how's it going. I'm that jerk guy

k a t i e said...

...I think everyone knows you're the jerk guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm depressed that sex & the city was your annual highlight - bring on falling in 2009!

Anonymous said...

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