Monday, January 12, 2009

Ladies & Gentemen - your attention, please.

A few days ago, I Twittered a little something about feeling the need to make an announcement. Although I have been somewhat bursting at the seams to break down and tell the world in a fit of hysteric excitement, I have channeled my inner zen and simply learned a method which expels my exuberance. It may or may not iLinknvolved jumping all over my bed, and squealing into my pillow, whilst Sahara looks on in a mixture of fear and delight.

And so, although I fear I may not be able to make the full announcement due to the fact I am so gosh darn censored with this blog these days (yo! Y'all who I don't want reading this blog: be gone!) I will go so far as saying I need to detox. Urgently. I need to emerge into February as a toned, svelte (and, one would hope, nicely tanned) nymph-like goddess of sex.

As Fate would have it, Karyn blogged about Gwyneth's own detox today, and I rushed to the link in a fit of anticipation - only to discover one can't actually eat anything during detox, let alone enjoy a nice little glass of champers with their evening dinner menu of air & water.

As I like to actually consume food (of which, admittedly, I like to think Fat and Sugar have their own category, high up on that little Food Pyramid) I suppose I should concentrate my intentions towards the exercise portion of my plan. So, it's off to The Blog With No Name - what is to become my little mecca of motivation and my haven for healthy eating. Melisa started this up at the beginning of the year to motivate and support us all with our weight loss/exercise goals, and although I've been mad keen to get started like the other bloggers, my 'kick start' date wasn't until today. And now? I've nothing to lose.

Except these damn 3kg.

Oh...and those lucky few get to hear my announcement. The joy of private blogging!
For the rest of you... ask, and you shall be told.

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Melisa with one S said...

Uh-huh, that's right...I'm off to read!

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