Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Countdown begins.

I fly off to Vanuatu in around 30 hours. 

Emotional eating kicked in around 12 hours ago.
My worry for leaving Sahara is slowly increasing to a rate of all sheer terror, but I think my complete, all consuming terror - complete with vomiting, crying and general unladylike things - will culminate at around the 3 hour mark.

Having said that, I'm super excited. Bring on a week of lounging by the pool sipping cocktails, snorkeling and general tropical-island-paradisey things. 

I never thought I'd be heading to a tropical resort where the weather will be at least 10 degrees cooler than where I live.


Melisa with one S said...

Yikes! I keep forgetting to answer your e-mail!!! I guess if I'm gonna do it, it'd better be today!

But relax about Sahara. It will be harder for you than her. :)

Kat said...

Oh how I envy you. Take tons of pictures (to increase said jealousy :o))

Have you ever been parted from Sahara for so long. Who will be dog/pet sitting?

When we go on hols I miss my cat's like dat freakin' crazee cat lady that I am.

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