Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fact or Photoshop?

After last nights post set my comment form buzzing with excitement (and a little moistness perspiration), I felt it my duty to correct Melisa with One S that my future husbands abs were not, in fact, photoshopped, but merely a magical feat of nature designed purely for my viewing pleasure. And then a I looked a little harder, and in several photos, his abs do seem to look a little...well, harder.

Hmmm. Either way, I think monuments should be erected in my name for sharing my collection of semi-naked photos of my hubby posting the photo in the first place. Those abs would brighten any lady's day. So, here we go again. You decide if he's airbrushed, or simply put on this earth to turn women into glorified piles of throbbing hormones.

Thank me later, girls.

(Oh, and boys? This is what Ryan started out like. You see, there's hope for y'all yet).


Melisa with one S said...

Alright, alright. Maybe you're right.

Or maybe you need to do another photo post know, so we can *be sure*. LOL

k a t i e said...

Well, it's an option I am willing to consider.

*wipes away the trail of saliva*

Andie said...


btw, did you see his new movie coming out in the summer- with Sandra Bullock..

the proposal.. it looks cute.

k a t i e said...

I'm longing for it :) I heart Sandra B, and think they're gonna have some crazy fun chemistry goin' on :)

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