Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strap solutions.

I'm running slightly late. Sarah & I are off to see a friend do a swing dance demonstration at the local Foreshore Festival. It's a gorgeous day, and I threw on my favorite old yellow dress when I got out the shower. Just as I was putting my (new, adorable) shoes on, I noticed my dress had one strap holding on by a mere thread, whilst the other one had gotten somehow mangled, and the buckle on the expandable strap had broken. Not being a very homely sort of girl, I'm unsure where my sewing kit is - although I believe I should get points for actually having one - and therefore attempted fixing both problems with superglue. Funnily enough, all I succeeded in doing was sticking my thumb and forefinger to a hair clip (how? why?) and thus I moved on to the genius plan of holding my strap together with one of those little twist tie things that come with freezer bags. Yep. Then arose the problem of the other strap. After much snuffling around in my jewelery box, I located a rather large nappy pin, and somehowpinned the other strap on. I can see it coming undone and becoming imbedded in my flesh half way through the dance class, but for now, I am gloating about my genius strap solutions.

My mother would be horrified.

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