Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh! Precious Day!

After weeks - no, I take it back; months - of squashing my face against the window, longingly stroking the glass in their general direction, fantasizing about and generally living in hope that one day these shoes would be mine....

they are!

(The staff from the shoe store actually knew me, as I'd spent every Thursday night adoringly trying them on and staring at myself in the mirror for approximately twenty minutes, before sending photos of their beauty to each and every person I know). Also, doesn't TGI Friday's floor look particularly attractive? I couldn't make it through dinner - or more than five minutes - without lovingly staring at them, or pointing out their fabulousness to waiters/any general member of the public who was near me at the time. Oh, Happy Day!)


Kat said...

Congrats Katie,they're really cute. I envy you but why are you wearing them to TGIFs? :o)

k a t i e said...

Well, ya see, TGI's just happens to be one of my all time favorite restaurants - I can completely stuff myself with potato, cheese, honey mustard and all manner of deep fried things in a public place, whilst consuming fishbowls of cocktails. See the draw card? As it turned out, it was rather busy Friday night (go figure!) so whilst we waited for a table, we opted to go for a little look-see round the shops...and of course, I had to veer toward my favorite shoe store and press my grubby nose against the window as I have previously mentioned. After the shop girl greeted me by name, and brought my shoes in my size, myself and friend directed a tirade of 'real leather like this lasts a lifetime' and 'but they're SO comfy, and if I had them, I wouldn't have to wear bandaids on my feet every day' etc. And within minutes...they were mine :)

So of course, I had to wear them then and there. Which meant I wore them to TGIF's...and was the envy of our waitress and matire de!

Melisa said...

Oh my God, TGIF is one of your favorite restaurants? Girl, you need to come to Chicago: I have about 1,000 restaurants to take you to that you will love even more than that.

(and if you don't, then there is a TGIF in every town around here...)

k a t i e said...

Haha Melisa, that's certainly an offer I'd be more than willing to take you up on :)

Let me just verify for all the people thinking I'm a bit unclassy.... I love TGI's for that very reason. Lots of deep fried food, cocktails and random stuff on the walls to look at. It's just a fun place to go when you can't be bothered cooking - not exactly my favorite 'real' restaurant, if you know what I mean :)

But send me that plane ticket to Chicago, anyway!

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