Friday, September 19, 2008

Speaking of High School...

It seems like an age ago, and well, it pretty much is. After reading Melisa's post this morning, I logged into my Facebook, and there awaiting me was a photo from my high school Muck Up Day. I wasn't as all-loving of my secondary college education as Melisa, but I sure did love my final year. I don't know what the American equivalent is, but basically, it's our last day of high school and everyone - absolutely everyone in Year 12 - gets dressed up, gets drunk and plays pranks on the teachers (and rest of the school). If I recall correctly, there was much cling wrapping of toilet seats, putting Vaseline on the class room door handles, and running around with Super Soaker water guns full of fish oil, which by the end of the day when it was all dry and hot, was absolutely disgusting. The teachers usually turn a blind eye or encourage it (but I must admit, there was a few grumbling about the fact I was on rollerblades all day and collected a few younger kids going down ramps/stairs).

And here it is. My Muck Up Day.

Can anyone guess which one I am? (Keep in mind I like having full attention, and pose a lot).

Yep, there I am, resplendent in the cheer leading outfit I borrowed from a friend who'd recently returned from America, and the rest of me head to toe in fluorescent loveliness. I think I was aiming for some sort of 80s Cheer Leader.

Totally hot.

(I haven't got photo-shop or anything of the sort of my Mac, so I had to resort to some hideous online bling making thing to get an arrow. Le sigh.)

I'm going to see if I can dig up any more sexy high school photos!


Melisa said...

Wow, you Aussies sure are crazy! Hilarious! The drinking age in the US is 21, so although plenty of high school kids sneak it (but not MY kids of course: bite your tongue if you were going to say it: LOL), an American Muck Up Day, Aussie style, would end up with all of the kids being carted off to jail. Over here, there are all kinds of Senior Pranks but schools have really cracked down over the past ten-fifteen years because they can be quite damaging if the kids are "creative" enough.

Interesting tradition though! And I love the photo, AND the arrow! It's adorable! :)

Melisa said...

And by the way, you weren't really suggesting in your first sentence that you got out of school what seems like "an age ago", were you?

God, now I feel like I could be your Grandmother.

k a t i e said...

Seriously - I look back, and that was FIVE WHOLE years ago. It scares the living daylights out of me! I know in the grand scheme of things that's no time at all - but it's shocking, none the less!

Our legal drinking age is 18, and although I was only 16 turning 17 in year twelve (along with a lot of other kids) and the school issued warnings they wouldn't be responsible for the underage drinkers, the teachers were pretty lenient. A few of them said to us they'd much rather we had a few, quietish drinks at school with our friends and knew we all had designated drivers (and school buses!) to get home than us all getting drunk illegally at the pub afterwards, without any way of getting home. Because of that attitude, no one took it too far (well, maybe a few, but they were soon asleep and so quietly passed the day without any trouble) and there were no serious pranks, just high jinks, really.

We'd been quiet strongly warned about the trouble we'd be in if we managed anything terrible! (And some kids did scratch a teacher's car when they were 'decorating' it, and soon paid for it our their own pocket, which kind of put us off).

Schoolies is another matter altogether (the week after school ends) and I pretty much chose not to get involved in that, sweet, innocent child that I was.

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