Friday, September 26, 2008

Longest Post Without Actually Saying Anything.

I can't do a whole lot of typing due to my bung arm (A. it's ridiculously painful so B. it takes about 6 minutes to type a sentence with one arm. Grr).Therefore, my layout is currently undergoing... well... revamping, shall we say. More to the point, lots of me screaming and cursing and wising I had an image I liked relating to Melbourne to put as my header. Le sigh. So bear with me, and any suggestions for more reader friendly designs are welcome.

In the meantime, appreciate these (TERRIBLE QUALITY from my old camera phone) random photos I found on my Mac today, and the amusing anecdotes that go wit them.

This was my plaster cast from the Hand in The Car Door Incident ( I knew I forgot to mention the carnage in my 'I need calcium' post!). On the way to view the Share House I was to live in for over a year, Chef needed to refill his car with fuel, and as we pulled into the service station he asked if I would kindly clean his windscreen. As I was dragging the squeegee over the windshield, I leant over to clean the other half, and while doing so, he shut his car door. Hard. With my hand in it. I refuse to indicate my pain levels re: brokeness, so I calmly carried on to meet my future housemates before quietly vomiting on the side of the road. I later found out that 4 bones were crushed, and I was wrapped in plaster for a few weeks. Fun.

This is my friend Louise, who I went to primary school with in England, walking down the main street in the town I lived in. When I went back for holidays, it was like I'd never been away, and we got on like there hadn't been 10+ years between our last visit. This was the first night the Christmas lights were turned on in my home town in 2005, and although it's a crap photo, it brings back floods of memories of the fun night we had.

This is the local flock of seagulls from Inverloch, where I grew up. They like fish and chips, annoying people for said fish and chips, and crapping on my car.

My housemate Kylie and I went through a bike riding phase back in Share House days. We're hire out bikes for the day, and travel through the city and along the beach, and one day we thought it would be fun to ride the path that travels alongside the Eastern Freeway. It added up to about 40km, with quite a few hills, and we thought we'd take a short cut. We got colossally lost, and ended up at Chef's work sipping cocktails and having our lunch prepared for us before catching a lift home. That's my sort of bike ride.

Aside from the fact I love stuff like this - old fashioned photos that are captioned - this is somewhat my general outlook on children.

Kylie and I decided one day to utilize our pool at the sharehouse. We'd recently stolen the large Commonwealth Games sign from, you guessed it, the Commonwealth Games. It was actually quite easy - we just sweet talked some security guards and got a couple from the Opening Ceremony after the barbeque we'd had, but we later found we could only fit on in the car, and even then it was a hilariously tight fit. We wedged it in bent from the front windscreen to the back, with me contorted into a small ball in the back seat underneath it, which completely blocked the back window. How we didn't get pulled over by police is beyond me, but we didn't and that sign came in handy for many things over the years, especially this Slip N Slide.

I was, of course, the one who tried it out first. I soon realized we should have moved the Slide slightly further away from the concrete. We had some fun times in that pool over Summer (our house had no Air Con, and after a few drinks it was the place to be). There's photos of two years of NYE parties taking place in it, as well as warm up cocktails from our Cocktail Party and Pimp's N Hoe's party. Good times.

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I LOVE the new header photo and the photo of you as well! (the one in the sidebar, not the casted arm or the bloody foot)

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