Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*sings the Macca's song* I'm lovin' it!

I'm a bit down in the dumps today - it's day four of my cold, and even if I was feeling well enough to do anything, it's revolting outside. So before I attempt covering Sahara's paws in pink paint to do a little paw-painting Thank You card for her orthopedic surgeon, I thought I'd do a little list of the things I'm digging right now. (please note: this isn't a general 'I'm always thankful for' list, it's more of a 'this has made me smile in the past 3 days' type post, hence the lack of 'having a roof over my head, even though I'm paying an extortionate amount for it and it actually belongs to someone else' etc).
So, here goes...

I'm Lovin'...
The first 'real' day of Spring. It came on Saturday, and it was absolutely perfect beach weather. Christmas decorations in the shops. Although I realize it's 3 months early, I've already got that quiver of excitement pulsating through my veins as I think about fairy lights, wrapping paper and baubles. Sahara's silky ears. She had a bath right before her surgery, and because she hasn't been able to go outside and roll in all manner of nasties, she's still pristine and smelling like tangerines, which means I can rub her gorgeous ears and not smell like rotten seaweed. Rush. It's my new 'must watch' TV show for two reasons: Callan Mulvey - the heart-throb of my teenage years (google him. He's totally worth it. My mother is in love with him, and texts me all sorts of silly things when the show is on. It's like bonding with a sister.) - and the Melbourne scenery. I get excited every time I can say 'been there!'. Le Desire Candles. I discovered them last Thursday, and I've been back twice since. The Apple and Cinnamon makes my house smell edible, instead of like cats.
Soft Tissues. The only silver lining to having a cold is 3 ply Aloe Vera on a red raw snoz. Receiving Mail. Of the hand written, air mail variety. There's something so exciting about checking the mail and getting something other than an electricity bill. Pad Thai Curry. Last time Seah made it for me, it was absolutely to die for. I'm more than looking forward to having another tonight. Johnny Depp-athon. I've been watching every movie I can lay my hands on with him in it. I think I'm so addicted to him because his mannerisms and humor remind me so strongly of my brother when he was younger, and someone I looked up to. My car. Oh, tis good to have her back! I never thought it would be so easy to transfer my affections from my previous beasty, but she's just a much fun. Ah, my freedom has returned! Raspbery ganache filled Lindt chocolate. Need I say more?

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