Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...oops! And other stuff.

My absence has been mostly to do with the fact I somewhat exceeded my download limit (I was having a Johnny Depp-athon. Who can blame a girl for watching Cry Baby, Pirates 1,2 & 3, Secret Window, Sweeney Todd and Sleepy Hollow on consecutive evenings? It was downloading my Ultimate Favorite - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - that reduced my internet to the speed of Dial Up), but also because of a few other reasons...

I drove down 'home' on Sunday, and had lunch with Mum before going to see a local production of Shout! Nearly 4 hours later, I was in complete and utter agony, and not just because the rendition of Shout! left a little to be desired. The seats were clearly fabricated from some sort of torture rack cleverly designed in the shape of tiered seating, and as I have rather long legs, my knee caps were up somewhere around my chin at all times.

This just about sums up the quality of the event. The artificial flowers didn't even make it in a vase - just rammed in a crack in the sink. Classy.

On the way home (finally...) we stopped in to visit my Nan, then headed back to Mum's and had the most honest, open and ... fulfilling chat. We discussed everything from wanting children "When will my maternal instinct kick in? I clearly have no biological clock" to actual childbirth "I'm so going for a C section complete with tummy tuck. There's no chance in hell I'm getting ripped from my hoo-ha to God-knows-where to spawn a child" and moving on to slightly more guarded topics, like my father, my school teacher; The Pedohpile and so on.

Subsequently, I was in a foul mood yesterday from lack of sleep, as Mum and I had been up all night talking before my long drive home, and when I canceled my personal training appointment to pick my car up from the mechanics, it still wasn't fixed. On the way home, tears in my eyes at my lack of freedom and hating the world, a red car randomly stopped in front of us in a 70km an hour zone, and somehow we managed to avoid it.

Unfortunately, the two cars behind weren't so lucky in avoiding us.

The split second before the impact, I registered a) it was going to hurt and b) the car hitting us was a brand new Mercedes Kompressor. Eep.

Luckily, everyone involved was completely OK, except for minor whiplash and bruising. We all swapped details and thankfully, a taxi driver stopped to give his details too - he could attest to the fact the red car caused it all, then immediately drove off when he saw the chain reaction of crashes behind. (The red car driver, I mean, not the taxi driver). Miraculously, our car came out fine - considering lightly tapping a piece of wood completely removed the Sump, petrol pump and front quarter panel, I was shocked there was anything left of the back of the car.


The Merc had some dents and scratches, and a cracked bumper, but also came out of it quite well, aside from quite probably shattering his brakes and ceramic wheel things...

...but the third car wasn't so good.

I had to put off another gym session this morning due to my splitting headache (funny that, considering my head connected with the head rest, then the door frame) and sore neck, and have instead completely scrubbed the bathroom after giving Sahara a nice, cleansing bath before her surgery tomorrow morning. Not, of course, before Phoenix and I did battle getting him in the bath, and trying to keep Axle out, while Cleo screamed down the house because she knew it was her turn next. Honestly, it was like some sort of canine murder scene - fur all up the walls, mud splattered in every conceivable orifice in the bathroom, and the wet paw prints running away from the scene.

I sometimes wonder what the neighbors must think when they hear the crashing, banging, splashing and howling coming from our bathroom. Still, at least Sahara will smell all pretty and be soft and clean whilst they hack her to pieces tomorrow...


Disclaimer: I don't know if I'm allowed to put up pictures of the cars with their number plates showing, so I've tried to hide them. Please don't sue me.

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