Friday, September 12, 2008


I just flipped on the T.V to see what The View was actually like (I've read so much about it on Perez, and finally it's reached Australia - and as I expected, I had absolutely no idea who/what they were discussing), and as I flipped...I kind of got involved in the Midday Movie. Generally, I steer clear of those movies like they're some sort of VD, but suddenly I realized one of the girls in it reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker, so I hopped online to check out the name and cast of the movie.

After skimming the cast, I recognize practically every name, even though I hadn't realized it was them in the movie.

And then I realized the name of the movie...

It's Footloose! I'm hooked! It's one of those movies I'd vowed never to watch (think Dirty Dancing), and then getting suckered in.

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You liked it, right?

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