Thursday, September 11, 2008

My pink, punctured puppy.

I know the blog's been taken over slightly by Sahara and her mangled leg, but I swear this'll be the last post (check out A Blog By Thy Dog for gruesome photos, more details and updates).
She's just come home from the vet, and after sitting with her sobbing in the kennel room yesterday for nearly an hour because she was still paralyzed from the epidural, so she had a complete turnaround today. She was practically scaling the walls when we went to pick her up, and now she's nestled in on her new pink rug with her new pink Scratchy the Flea toy, and her new pink collar and matching pink tag, from Fuzzyard (hello, blatant plug!).

I'm thinking of buying a wire pen that's meant for miniature puppies to play in in the backyard without some sort of hyena eating them or something (honestly, I don't know why people would buy them) to keep her contained and off her recliner.

1 comment:

Prin said...

Aw, she's adorable. I hope she's ok.

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