Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yes! and No!

The good news? We got our house! I've spent the morning signing the lease and relevant documents, and handing over vast amounts of cash to secure the property. We move in on the 2nd!

The not so great news? One of these little bastards bit me - twice - on Saturday night. I didn't think so much of it, until I awoke with pus dripping down my feet, and giant white sacs of pain blistering on my toes. I also now have a large red ring growing slowly and painfully up my toe as the venom spreads. I'm on 6 days of anti-biotics to take the infection/venom down, and am supposedly meant to stay off my feet for a week to ease the pain and stop the poison spreading. Um. Fair enough - it's not like I have a house to pack and move!

Note: For the Americans -White Tails are only little, about 4cm long, but I felt the need to upscale the photo to impress just how much pain I am in.


Melisa said...

YIKES! Where to begin?

Many congratulations on the house! That's great news!

So sorry about your pus n' pain problem. Thanks for clarifying the size though: at first glance I sort of shouted and jumped back from the monitor!

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kimberlie said...

oh you poor buggar!!! I have been bitten by a spider once, but the only side effect was sore muscles and a small bite...

Kat said...

Poor you. Hope you'll be better soon.

Do you know that all the poisonous spiders/bugs/snakes/sharks/jellyfish were the reason the hubby and I did not move Down Under. For a while there it was what we wanted to do...

Keep us updated. And also congrats on the house and signing the lease. That is great news.

Kat said...

Regarding your comment. OMG. So sorry to learn that you're in so much pain. They can kill for real? How scary is that.
Have the antibiotics at least stopped the venom from spreading???? Please let me know that you're going to be alright.

Susie said...

omg horrible!! I do not like bugs of any kind. Did you actually see it on you??

I hope your foot is feeling better!

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