Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry New Year, Y'all.

This photo pretty much sums up NYE - Hot, hottity hot. My gosh, I'm not surprised it was the hottest day on record - it was 44 degrees and I spent much of it trying to form a small enough ball to live in my fridge; whilst the dogs laid on wet towels eating ice cubes and Cleo simply panted and looked like I was the sole cause of her discomfort.

I eventually tore myself from the fan and poured myself into as little clothing as socially acceptable, and the Chef and I made our way to the city. Our original destination was swarmed by a plague of large moths, so we ended up at Newquay like last year, and sat and reminisced about 2007, and dreamed about our goals for 2008. And then the mayhem started, in the form of fireworks. I'd hoped Sahara may have grown out of her sheer, all consuming terror involving loud bangs and bright lights, but I was apparently being unrealistic - as soon as the first firework lit the sky, she was attempting to scale my back, howling and trying to claw her way to freedom. I spent 90% of the display trying to calm her down - which involved a full body tackle, a blindfold from our clothing and ridiculous stories to take her mind off it. Eventually she calmed down, roughly halfway through telling her just exactly how long a horses gestation period. And then was when I noticed Phoenix - stretched out, glazed look on his face, admiring the fireworks in a somewhat detached manner. Strange cookie that one. Still, my resolve for 2008 is to administer sedatives if Sahara is ever to be in contact with strange noises again.

In all seriousness, I have made some resolutions, which I like to think of as goals - for 2008. Except in my sweaty, lethargic state, all I can think about is consuming pizza and a bucket full of sugary fizzy liquid and wallowing in my own filth in front of the TV and fan. So, so far, this is the only one I can recall...

* Stop eating. Or at least discontinue shoving random things in my mouth when I'm bored, and instead go for long, fulfilling walks, or teach myself to crochet.


Melisa said...

LOL...I was wondering exactly what kind of stories you tell Sahara to calm her down when I got to the part about a horse's gestation period. Whatever works! :)

Happy 2008!!!

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Kat said...

Happy New Year. Wow what's with the heat. Poor you.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2008!

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