Friday, January 18, 2008

Opening Pink Bits

I went shopping today. I actually didn't mean to - I went to buy a table cloth for the dinner I'm making for Sarah & Tezz tomorrow night - but I accidentally ended up with 3 pairs of shoes, a bracelet and a matching necklace. Oops.

As I was trying on these (well, very nearly - I can't find my camera to take a shot of the actual shoes) a man came up and mentioned he was an artist. I didn't think much of it at the time - I tend to live in a little bubble of bliss when finding shoes that actually fit, even more so when they're on sale - until he progressed to say his wife attended his latest art gallery opening and wore a pair of very similar hot pink, patent Mary Janes, much like the pair I was trying on. Again, it didn't really register - I was too busy deciding if they were utterly heinous, or just hideous enough to be fashionable. But as he reached down to look closer at my feet, I clearly heard him whisper "opening pink bits".
Had I have not had 4 inch heels held together with that annoying elastic band to stop theft, I would have run at this point. I think he noticed my bewilderment, and as I scooped up armfuls of shoes and made a bee line for the checkout, I saw him turn to his wife and giggle. I dodged around a stand full of delicious looking footwear, and realized he was retelling the story to his wife - just how nice she looked with those shoes when she went to his 'gallery opening called Pink Bits'.

My mind really does live in the gutter at times.


Kat said...

OMG OMG let me see, let me funny. I had my mind in the gutter all the time as well.

Congrats on the successful shoe purchase. Did you buy a tablecloth in the end? *lol*

Susie said...

Hahaha that's sooo funny. I would have run too!

And yay for 3 new pairs of shoes :) :)

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