Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The horror!

Oh my fuck.

I just found my first grey hair.

Why? WHY?

I hold our real estate agent directly responsible for his.

I have removed it, and sticky taped it to a piece of black paper, as per Chef's request for him to witness it when he gets home.

(please note: that photo is not my own head).


Kat said...

You crack me up. Please don't tell me you really did tape the "evidence" to a piece of black paper to show around??? *lol*

I do remember finding my first grey hair. I was about your age. That did not upset me as much as my first real wrinkles though. What was Chef's reaction?

Melisa said...

ROFL! Keep us posted!

me & them said...

Well, at 25 he has a full fledged salt and pepper effect already, so he finds it terribly amusing I have no ammunition to mock him anymore.


Susie said...

omg I thought that was your real head...that looks intense.

Don't worry, just because you have one doesn't mean they'll be more any time soon!

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