Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nearly a cuase for celebration.

I realize I have been AWOL for a while now - it actually seems much longer than it is - and there's no real reason. Sure, I've been super busy wanting to attack, kill & eat all the estate agents I've been dealing with, but not enough to neglect my little blogosphere. And right now, I need to make photocopying & faxing mission and get my application all sent off for The House. Yep, that's right - we've finally found it! 3 Bedrooms, a large bath (heaven!) and dog friendly, especially the back garden, which comes complete with it's own built in barbeque. It has a heater (the house I mean, not the BBQ). And knobs on the cupboards. More importantly, it has no holes in the walls or graffiti on the doors, and the agent showing us through was extremely helpful. The shock of it all! But the best part for me was a little room that comes off the master bedroom. You go down 4 little stairs, and it's like a hidden den which has a wall of windows & a door opening onto a private courtyard. It's like an abyss - you can't tell there's a hidden section of plant life and decorative stones from the street, nor the front of the house. I plan on setting up my scrap-booking supplies and laptop down there, and turning it into my lair.

So I have more than my fingers crossed that our application is accepted and successful. I will be back shortly!

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