Monday, January 21, 2008

vaguely interesting facts about yours truly.

1). I was named after the song Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina & the Waves.

2). I have broken/fractured or cracked around 11 bones - finger, wrist, shoulder, 2 ribs, cheek bone, foot, and more recently, dislocated my shoulder approx. 8 times last year. The most memorable was my 5th date with Chef, when he accidentally shut my hand in his car door, crushing 4-5 bones in the process. Ouch.

3). I am proud to say I didn't cry once when breaking/fracturing/dislocating/crushing any of the above.

4). When I was 8, I discovered a fossilized turtle shell at my local beach, which turned out to be around 150 million years old. I named him Tom II (after my very own tortoise) and he now resides in the Melbourne Museum.

5). My only real death defying experience was in 2004 on a trip to the UK with my mother. After we leveled out from our midnight pit stop in Hong Kong, there was a massive explosion and the engine on my side (i.e right next to my window) exploded and caught fire. As I had hysterics, we had to fly for over an hour to drop 440 tonnes of fuel into the ocean so we could land safely. As this was in the aftermath of 9/11, and the entire city would have been able to see our 747 on fire flying over the buildings, we were ushered off the plane by militants armed with machine guns and strapped in ammunition.

6). When I was younger, my biggest ambition in life was to be a professional ice hockey player. It didn't work out so well, what with living in a country with no ice.

7). I'm allergic to avocado.

8). My first kiss was in my year 7 in high school, when a mini tornado was ripping through the area. My tongue bled for hours. (He was then referred to as 'Vampire Daniel'. Needless to say, it wasn't the long lasting love like I had anticipated).

9). I got my very first speeding fine yesterday, after over 5 years of driving.

10). Public speaking? No worries. Heights? Don't phase me. Attempt giving me a wet willy or ask me to put my hand in a sink? I will run away. Screaming.

11). I have seen The Queen in real life. She's very small, but immaculately dressed.

12). I met my best friend on the school bus in grade 6. Our friendship didn't start so wonderfully - she'd pull my hair and put M&M's down my top, until one day we joined forces and ganged up on everyone else. We ruled that bus, but our maturity level hasn't escalated a lot since then. Our best times are spent being silly in a way no one else would understand. (Thankfully).

13). I can lick my nose with my tongue (if I remove my piercing).

14). The first dress I wore was to my Debutante Ball - I am what is typically referred to as a tom boy, although some people mistook that for 'man-hating lesbian'. In my teens, my mother often worried about that, I fear.

15). I suck at team sports - hence my interest in tennis, surfing & horse riding. Having said that, I am passionate about my teams - Arsenal & The Toronto Maple Leafs.

16). I have been to 4 different schools, mainly as a result of spending 5 years going through court after our grade 5 teacher turned out to be a pedophile. Living in a small town meant the majority of people turned against us 8 year old girls for 'making up stories to disrupt the town' and brandishing us whores. Turns out he had a 25 year record and 211 charges of rape and assault, and a further 250+ being brought against him. He later died in jail.

17). I can't wait to travel to the US - and meet a moose in Canada, one of my lifelong dreams.

18). I am hoping to enroll in a Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing this year. I love reading, and always have at least 2-3 books on the go at once, and am totally anal retentive about spelling and punctuation - I'm hoping one day to make a career from that.

19). My last relationship ended when I found him in bed with another girl....and boy.

20). I was vegetarian for 12 years, and although I eat fish & chicken now, I like my meat to resemble actual meat as little as possible. Deep frying helps a lot.


Susie said...

Re. # 18- I just got my Master's in Publishing and Editing. I love it!

Kat said...

Wow what an interesting life you have led so far. I was going oooh and aaaah and eeeew (at numbers 2, 16 and 19)

Melisa said...

WOW, nobody could ever accuse you of not living a full life so far!

Very impressive facts! I was ooohing and aahing with Kat, and I was wincing a bit as well on some of them!

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