Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wait for it...

To say I'm super excited about our new home could be considered a colossal understatement.
I'm hobbling around the house contemplating where I shall be placing my belongings, wondering how the dogs will take to their new home (and if Phoenix has a nervous breakdown in the process of finishing our packing) and (yes, yes I know I'm sad) fantasizing about how lovely it's going to look at Christmas, and where to put the fairy lights.

I can't believe we have 10 days to wait! I'm also a little shocked how much stress I'm not under today. Over the past few weeks, I've gone from anger at retarded real estate agents, to nervous anticipation over finding out if we got our house (I'll gloss over the full blown panic attacks at actually being homeless before we found the new place) to... contentment. Or, as my thesaurus suggests, tickled pink.

We're leaving our festering shit hole of a house! Hurrah!

This time last year, when we moved into said property, Chef couldn't get time off, we didn't have a truck, the landlord decided to hike our rent up because I was a student, and so on and so forth. In short: Twas a Nightmare. With a capital N.

I even started feeling a little... limp. Empty. Bored. I realize I need some sort of challenge and excitement in my life to feel motivated.

Thank goodness for the RSPCA induction yesterday. As I've already participated in events over the Christmas period, and Sarah can attest I'm not a raving lunatic, I have my final orientation & animal handling course next Wednesday. With Chef. And the following week, we both start as animal handlers (which basically means cleaning cages and feeding etc) and the exciting part of walking and loving all those poor puppies & kittens. Sahara and Phoenix are going to think we smell wonderful when we come home (home! *wipes a single tear of happiness*). And the fact my relationship with Chef has changed so dramatically recently to something completely amazing is going to be helped even more by the fact we'll be sharing something that means so much to me. All I can say is...bring on the next few weeks! And check back for the posts when I start falling apart from's gotta happen soon!

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