Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wonderfully Weird

After reading this post, and having no brain function left from a ridiculously hectic few days, I decided to take the easy way out and post about my own weirdly wonderful quirks as opposed to typing about anything real.

As we're all mostly aware I have nearly all of my baby teeth left, I've broken a hell of a lot of bones, and I'm so addicted to Christmas I made the above last night from a lump of clay because I simply cant wait another 49 days, I didn't think there'd be too many more idiosyncrasies I'd care to share with the blogging community. Then I got to think...all those things I think are natural? Perhaps they're not. You be the judge.

1/ Just like Melisa, I have a deep seated and unnatural fear of men dressed in costumes. Now, I'm not referring to the half assed attempts most guys make at Halloween, I mean the sort of outfit worn by someone hawking something - the oversized shark trying to sell my child/ren swimming lessons last week at the shopping centre springs to mind. My friends are so aware of my phobia, they grab my arm and walk me firmly past on the other side of the street before I can run, screaming in the opposite direction faster than you can say 'irrational'.

2/ I don't eat cheese after 9pm, because my mother told me it would give me nightmares, and it did.

3/ My dog bit half my ear off when I was a small child (and yes, it was completely and utterly my own fault and no, the dog was not put down) and I refused point blank to have stitches, opting instead for sticking it back on with steri-strips. I have a very attractive scar around my left ear as a result, yet can hear far better that side than with my right ear.

4/ I lost a baby tooth on the play equipment at primary school, and was so distressed I wouldn't receive my $2 from the Tooth Fairy, I left her a detailed letter with instructions to find my missing tooth, so could rack up my pocket money so I was closer to buying my pony.

5/ I find gay men strangely attractive.

6/ When I was flying to England in 2004, as the plane leveled off from our stopover in Hong Kong, there was a massive explosion and the wing on our side of the plane burst into flames. I squealed, had hysterics, and then had some more hysterics. The flight attendant behind us rushed to contact the pilot, but the in-plane phone wasn't working, so she joined me in hysterics and eventually the pilot was contacted to be informed the plane was on fire. Not long after, the engine was shut down, and an announcement was made that 'on the scale of disasters, the explosion and fire were on the lower end'. We circled over Hong Kong for hours, dropping 400 tonnes of fuel into the ocean before we could land at the airport. When we eventually did, there were fire engines flashing left right and centre, and we were taken off the plane by armed militia men covered in strings of bullets and rifles. But the time we'd waited the few hours for the 'emergency' plane to be ready for our takeoff, I fell into an exhausted sleep with my forehead resting on the back of the seat in front, which continued nearly the entire flight to London. I did, however, stay awake long enough to notice all the lights and computers had shut down, as the 'emergency' plane was in for repairs and hadn't been fixed.

7/ Until that stopover, I thought Hong Kong was the capital of China.

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