Monday, November 17, 2008

Stuff. And Things. And stuff.

* I started putting my Christmas decorations up on Friday night. I was worried about Phoenix after discovering his lump, and getting really edgy, so I decided there was no better time for a lovely distraction like rolling in tinsel.

* I am totally digging the song Poker Face by Lady GaGa.

* I had a fun time at Sarah's girls night on Saturday, although there may have been some excessive consumption of alcohol on my part.

* The event of the weekend was Sarah finding me upset in her back bedroom on a call to Alex at said party, and her subsequently proceeding to absolutely rip the shit out of him, profusely, publicly and with many profanities. Twice.

* I woke up this morning with extremely sore buttocks. I am unaware as to why this is so. It may have been the badminton, the soccer, or the lawn bowls I played yesterday, or perhaps a combination of the three.

* Sahara, Phoenix and I are in a constant battle for supremacy. Because of this, going downstairs practically turns into a fight to the death. Both are convinced they should be going down in front of me; I disagree. As a result, I often leave 'obstacles' in their way to stop them knocking me over; alas, I tripped on a cardboard box this afternoon and landed in a heap at the bottom. Fortunately, Sahara was unable to rush past me, and therefore, I still won.

* I'm enjoying my brothers Long Lost Pal - Bec's - blog.

* I should really be doing something productive with my time - i.e finding something nutritional and delicious to gnaw on/hanging out another load of washing/attempt locating all 7 drawing pins Cleo has removed from the tin before they get embedded in my feet, but all I really want to do is dance around the living room decorating it in layers of tinsel and shiny things.

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