Thursday, November 13, 2008

100's & 1000's

...of photos on my Mac. Here's a random sample of low resolution photos that make me smile.

Chai as a puppy. Doesn't she look like a bat?

For me?! You shouldn't have. But...ok!

This just absolutely cracks me up. It's so typical of a morning with Phoenix and I.

I don't recall when we took these, but they make me smile. We were so happy then. The third photo is in my wallet.

My bestest buddy BB & myself at our most sophisticated. It was her 18th birthday.

My Nan just after she came out of the Land Army. She's so beautiful. I found this when looking through an old album a few years ago, and couldn't believe I had never seen it. I copied it and have a black and white version on my wall.

Chai and her pearly whites.

Basil used to love sitting in any flower arrangements Chef had given me. He particularly loved Stargazer pink oriental lilies. What can I say - the boy had taste.

The view from my Starbucks at Christmas. I used to love sitting there, drinking my ridiculously over priced coffee, feeling like someone completely different in my huge sunnies as I people watched and made up stories about their lives.

The chain of events from the bushfires on the way back from a weekend in Lakes Entrance. It was pretty hairy - we stupidly didn't think it would affect us, and then the wind changed and we were smack in the middle of its path. It was pretty frightening to have bright sunlight, then to see (1) the sun and sky turning orange, followed by everything (2) turning grey with ash moments later, then (3) complete darkness. All there was to see was red ash landing all over the windscreen. The emergency radio telling people which roads were closed kept dropping out, and I had to try and calm Mum, who kept calling me because she knew we were getting trapped in the centre. Luckily after about an hour, the darkness lifted and there was only (4) smoke clouds.

This was the day I helped my Mum move from our beloved house by the beach. I was trying to put on a brave face, but went and laid under the tree in the backyard to have a few quiet minutes, when suddenly a yappy, chewing puppy was all over me, trying to cheer me up. She succeeded.

My tiny puppy has her first visit to the beach. She was less than enthused.

Home sweet Home all the way over in England.

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Kat said...

Thank you for sharing these. I love looking through old photo albums and going down memory lane.

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